29 April, 2022

Is your brand ready for the metaverse?

There has been much talk lately about web 3.0 and the metaverse, and the splitting into two realities, the “real”…

30 March, 2022

Pasapalabra, from television to the courts

Pasapalabra is one of Spain’s best-known  television game show. What not everyone knows is that “the game” has gone from…

20 January, 2022

My trademark is registered. Now what?

After many years of dedication to the exciting world of intellectual property, I still feel a childlike joy when communicating…

3 January, 2022

OAPI: Applicable changes

The African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), which regulates industrial and intellectual property rights applicable to the group of member African…

24 December, 2021

Trade Secrets Series by Ponti & Partners

Aware of the importance that the protection of valuable technical knowledge and commercial information represents for companies, we put at…

16 December, 2021

Recommendations for electronic payment providers according to the EUIPO

Last November, the EUIPO published a report of good practices aimed at providers of electronic payment services in order to…

28 September, 2021
How-to-remove-infringing-content-from marketplaces

How to remove infringing content from marketplaces?

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), in its work to promote and support Intellectual Property, has made available to…

26 April, 2021
anticounterfeiting technologies

Anticounterfeiting technologies

Currently, counterfeiting is on the increase as has been shown by the rise in fake medicines and personal protective equipment,…

18 March, 2021

“Teleworking” with the EPO

Given the current circumstances with a global pandemic that seems to have no end, the EPO has tried to adapt…

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