30 de May de 2019

Newsletter. May 2019. Number 18.

Editorial:¬†Entry into force of the Spanish Trademark Law by Teresa Gonzalez, IP Lawyer. Main amendments introduced to Spanish Trademark Law…

24 de April de 2019

Reach for gold: Intellectual Property and Sport

This is the motto for World Intellectual Property Day 2019 (April 26) and sees sport as a benchmark for universal…

25 de February de 2019

Trade Secrets Law

On Thursday 21 February 2019, the Trade Secrets Act was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). This law reinforces…

13 de February de 2019

New SPTO Examination Guidelines

The SPTO has just published the Examination Guidelines for all types of inventions (patents, utility models, semiconductor topographies) and designs….

6 de February de 2019

Fraudulent communications regarding your patent, trademark and domain name applications

More and more often, our customers receive commercial communications asking for the payment of specific amounts in order to register…

5 de February de 2019

Misuse of Small Parcels for Trade in Counterfeit Goods

The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights and the OECD have just released a study of the exponential…

9 de January de 2019

They Are Not the Same

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism launches an institutional campaign to promote the consumption of genuine products. The…

8 de January de 2019

The report on measures to fight against activities infringing Intellectual Property Rights has been approved.

Last 14 December 2018, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved the “Report on measures to fight against activities infringing Intellectual…

4 de October de 2018

PontiNET all cases in one click

With our PontiNET application for on-line consultation of files, our clients can easily and simply create reports or lists of…

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