13 July, 2020

Registration trends in times of pandemic

It is widely believed that the registration of Intellectual Property rights is a reflection of the trends, events or situations…

24 March, 2020

Are pears and apples comparable?

The saying “comparing apples and oranges” or the Spanish version “comparing pears and apples”, which applies better in this case,…

24 May, 2019

Invalidity of the mark “NEYMAR” applied for in bad faith.

On 14 May 2019, the General Court of the European Union uphold the initial decision of the European Intellectual Property…

14 March, 2019

European Patent Office report on European Patent Applications in 2018

The European Patent Office has published its latest report on the statistics results of European Patents applications in 2018, which…

17 September, 2018

Innovation Union 2020

From the Commission’s acknowledgment of IPRs to play a key role for the Innovation Union 2020 strategy’s success, it set…

3 September, 2018
Enforcement Database

Enforcement Database

The EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has launched the Enforcement Database (EDB), a tool that provides a direct channel of…

29 December, 2017

Brexit Update

First official communication issued by the European Commission and the EUIPO (Intellectual Property Office of the European Union) regarding the…

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