27 January, 2021
ANCES call for obtaining the EIBT brand is now open

ANCES call for obtaining the EIBT brand is now open

ANCES, the National Association of European Business Innovation Centres, has opened the call for innovative projects to apply for the…

21 January, 2021

Survey on the impact of IP on the development of new technologies

Digitalisation and the new technologies on which it is based are boosting the creation of new business models in both…

17 December, 2020

2020 Season’s Greetings

4 December, 2020

Trademarks and Designations of Origin. What happens in case of conflict?

When choosing a trademark to identify ourselves with in the market and differentiate ourselves from our competitors, it is not…

20 October, 2020

Brexit’s impact on Intellectual Property

In view of the forthcoming effects of BREXIT on Intellectual Property, we hereby inform you that as of 1st January…

17 September, 2020
Automotive-industry-complaints-on-mobile-communications patents

Automotive industry complaints on mobile communications patents

The integration of cellular mobile communication technology in today’s cars is causing several disputes between the automotive industry and companies…

4 September, 2020

Global Innovation Index 2020

The Global Innovation Index 2020 has just been released. The Global Innovation Index is a report promoted by the WIPO…

13 July, 2020

Registration trends in times of pandemic

It is widely believed that the registration of Intellectual Property rights is a reflection of the trends, events or situations…

10 July, 2020

How to ensure Feedom to Operate (FTO)?

Intellectual property, and especially patents, give their owners multiple strategic options to ensure their competitiveness. Among the range of uses…

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