31 March, 2020

EUIPO and OCDE report on counterfeit pharmaceuticals traded worldwide

The EUIPO and the OECD have published a study analysing the volume and impact of global trade of counterfeit pharmaceuticals….

24 March, 2020

Are pears and apples comparable?

The saying “comparing apples and oranges” or the Spanish version “comparing pears and apples”, which applies better in this case,…

19 March, 2020

European Patent Index 2019 statistical report published

The Patent Index 2019 of the European Patent Office provides detailed information on the evolution of the number of European…

17 March, 2020

we remain e-Open

Given the evolution of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Spain and following the measures implemented by the Spanish Government to…

17 March, 2020

The versatility of the new Utility Model.

The entry into force of the Spanish Patent Law 24/2015, on 1 April 2017, updated the legal reference framework in…

13 March, 2020

PONTI adopted the necessary operational and technical measures to be fully operative

We hope that you and your families are in good health and that, should you be affected by COVID-19, you…

10 March, 2020

The UK will not be part of the EU Unitary Patent System

As inferred from the document published on 27 February 2020, which lays down the foundations of the future relationship between…

10 March, 2020

Market success for inventions. The commercialization of patents by European SMEs

A recent study by the European Patent Office shows that innovative European SMEs use patents not only to protect their…

3 March, 2020
inventor in an AI developed invention

Who’s the inventor in an AI developed invention?

The EPO (European Patent Office) refused applications EP 18 275 163 and EP 18 275 174 in which an AI…

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