11 de October de 2019

Workshop: Start Up Intangibles Protection Kit. The U.S. Experience

5th of november 2019, new session of our cycle of “IP Vitamins” lectures in the space The Collider of Pier…

8 de October de 2019

Misleading Intellectual Property invoices

Explanatory video on the misleading maintenance notices that are sent with fraudulent purpose to the owners of trademarks, patents, designs…

30 de September de 2019
Intellectual Property and economic performance in EU

Intellectual Property and economic performance in EU

The EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and the EPO (European Patent Office) have published the third edition of their…

27 de September de 2019

Challenge to patent registrations: will you accept artificial intelligence as an inventor?

In August, the United Kingdom Patent Office and the European Union Patent Office received two absolutely novel applications, not so…

6 de August de 2019

The world’s most valuable brands (2019)

Prestigious companies focused on market research and communication have produced a ranking of the 100 world’s most valuable brands valued…

30 de July de 2019

Guidelines for the licensing of 5G and IoT Standard Essential Patents

Last June the guide “Core Principles and Approaches for SEP Licensing” was published under the auspices of CENCENELEC and Deutsches…

23 de July de 2019

Brazil joins the International Trademark System

Brazil‘s recent access to the International Trademark System completes the incorporation of the last of the ten largest economies on…

15 de July de 2019

Some Things Stay with You to the Grave

The protection of unregistered trademarks has always been a difficult issue to fit into legal realities or traditions based on…

11 de July de 2019

EPO extends PPH pilot programme with IP Australia

The European Patent Office (EPO) has extended its PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) pilot programme with IP Australia, thus enabling applicants…

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