Legal IP

The different modalities for the protection of intellectual property consist of a complex legal framework which regulates the rights and obligations of their owners and also of any third party which may be affected by the observance of these rights through the course of its activity.


Our practice covers all legal, litigation and advisory requirements which may arise from intellectual property rights; from the initial assessment prior to registration and its subsequent filing, to the defence of the corresponding rights before the courts when they are fully in force.

As with other intangible assets and property, intellectual property rights may be the subject of various legal transactions, which may be independent or part of more complex company acquisition or purchasing processes, such as the assignment or licensing of rights. They can also be constituted as a real guarantee in the framework of operations of very varied commercial nature.


Undoubtedly, intellectual property rights grant an exclusive right, but if they are proactively managed they can also become a powerful tool for generating income for their holders.