15 de July de 2019

Some Things Stay with You to the Grave

The protection of unregistered trademarks has always been a difficult issue to fit into legal realities or traditions based on…

11 de July de 2019

EPO extends PPH pilot programme with IP Australia

The European Patent Office (EPO) has extended its PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) pilot programme with IP Australia, thus enabling applicants…

2 de July de 2019

SMEs that make use of IP are more likely to become high-growth firms

SMEs that have filed at least one IPR are 21% more likely to experience a growth period, and 10% more…

26 de June de 2019

Copyright, or the right to copy

Annual sales loss of 55 billion euros, almost 500,000 jobs and €110 per EU citizen are the magnitudes of the…

19 de June de 2019
Procediments orals

First Oral Hearing in the context of the Spanish patent examination procedure

Recently, the first Oral Hearing case of a Spanish patent applicant has been held in the context of a mandatory…

30 de May de 2019

Newsletter. May 2019. Number 18.

Editorial: Entry into force of the Spanish Trademark Law by Teresa Gonzalez, IP Lawyer. Main amendments introduced to Spanish Trademark Law…

30 de May de 2019

Entry into force of the Spanish Trademark Law reform

Editorial: Entry into force of the Spanish Trademark Law reform by Teresa Gonzalez, IP Lawyer. NEWSLETTER. May 2019. Number 18. Directive…

24 de May de 2019

Invalidity of the mark “NEYMAR” applied for in bad faith.

On 14 May 2019, the General Court of the European Union uphold the initial decision of the European Intellectual Property…

21 de May de 2019

Photonic technologies and patents

Presentation of SECPHO, the cluster of photonic technologies, in Madrid The main actors of photonics met in Madrid in a…

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